Stock Inspector
Discover new companies & ETFs

Do you shop at a website so much and wonder if you can buy some stock? Do you need more ideas to trade but only a handful of popular stocks like Tesla come to mind?

Stock Inspector shows you stocks and EFTs related to the website you visit everyday. With 1-click, Stock Inspector shows you the latest price and data. You can easily access references sources and trade with brokers.

Works where you do

Browse the web as you normally do. If you see the latest price change on the icon, it means that there’s a stock related to the website you’re on.

Discover hidden stocks

Stock Inspector - Discover hidden stocks, mutual funds and ETFs as you browse the web
  • Stock Inspector knows about popular products for public companies, like YouTube and Alphabet (GOOG)
  • Subsidiaries show up too, like Blue Bottle Coffee and Nestlé (NSRGY)
Stock Inspector - Keep an eye on your favorite company’s stock and ETF

Learn more with 1-click

Stock Inspector - Learn more and trade with 1-click to Yahoo Finance, Robinhood, Morningstar and other brokers / reference sources
  • Click to view the latest stock price, plus many more fancy stats
  • View popular reference sources like Yahoo Finance
  • Trade commission-free with popular brokers like Robinhood
  • Learn more about public companies from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Twitter tweets
  • Learn more about private companies from Morningstar, Unicorn IPO Leaderboard, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, LinkedIn
  • Trade with your brokers, including Robinhood
Stock Inspector - Answer tough questions about the company and its stock

Tips & tricks

Stock Inspector - Pin to your browser toolbar to discover all the hidden stocks
  • Pin the extension to your browser toolbar so it can show you what it found.
  • Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + S pops open the Stock Inspector. You can customize this keyboard shortcut too!

Questions? Comments?

Found a website that Stock Inspector doesn’t know about? Want a new feature? Come chat with us on Twitter.

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